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Primavera is a Munich-based design brand that set out to remind you what joy can be derived from the simple everyday tasks and routines that silently but pervadingly shape our lives.


Surely throwing your keys on the kitchen table, keeping your jewelry on your night stand in a neat little pile or that one wall hook in your entry way that’s drowning underneath all your jackets will do, but consciously putting your attention into the small acts that play on repeat throughout our daily routine and surrounding them with intention and enjoyment, sets you up for a better day and thus, slowly but steadily, a happier life. Look it up, it’s empiric.


The more beauty you see in the small things in life, the more you find in the bigger picture. Is that a promise?


Well, we start by offering you carefully designed and passionately honed home accessories that accompany and assist you through your daily tasks. The rest, my friend, is up to you.


Primavera collaborates with award-winning young designers, supporting upcoming talent and the creative ideas of tomorrow.

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